Nipple Enhancement

Nipple Correction and Reduction

Inverted nipples, large or asymmetric areolas, and malposition can all be corrected or enhanced for a better appearance.  Inverted nipples occur when the milk ducts tether the nipple. Large or uneven areolas can occur due to an increase in breast size. Malposition of the nipples can be corrected with a breast lift.

What Kinds of Nipple Problems Can be Corrected?

  • Inverted Nipples Inverted nipples are operated on using a local anaesthetic at the clinic or using a general anaesthetic at our surgical centre. A small incision occurs at the edge of the areola and the tethered ducts are relieved. One can expect to breast feed normally after the operation.
  • Large or Asymmetric Areolas Large or asymmetric nipples are operated on using a local anaesthetic at the clinic or using a general anaesthetic at our surgical centre. Dr. Anzarut utilizes a nipple marking device and removes excess areola to shape of the nipple

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Would I be a Good Candidate for Nipple Correction Surgery?

If you are a healthy non-smoker and you don’t like the appearance of your nipples, you are a good candidate for corrective surgery. During your initial consultation, we will review possible risks and outcomes of the procedure.

Mommy Makeover

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You may consider a Mommy Makeover procedure after you have finished having children.

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