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A neck lift is medically described as a lower rhytidectomy. Aging is something not many people are fond of. The signs of aging appear on the face and the neck before anywhere else. A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove the excess skin and fat around the jaw line. This creates a more defined and youthful looking neck. If you want better and longer lasting results, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is recommended. It is also worth mentioning here that a neck lift is often done as a part of the facelift procedure. However, some surgeons advise it as a separate procedure.

What Operations are Often Combined with a Neck Lift?

The most common medical procedure that is combined with a neck lift is a facelift. This is done to ensure that both the upper face and lower face remain balanced. In some instances, the patient may require an eyelid lift at the same time to achieve their desired look and balance.

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Where are Incisions made during a Neck Lift?

Incisions often begin just behind the “side burn”, and continue around the base of the ear and into the scalp allowing access to the lower face. Occasionally, an incision underneath the chin is required which would be to address tight muscle bands or for liposuction purposes. Incisions are usually closed with dissolving sutures and sometimes covered with a special skin glue to help reduce scaring. After the full healing process, evidence of incisions tend to be difficult to see.

What are the Risks of a Neck Lift?

During your initial consultation with the surgeon, the risks of the operation will be discussed. Some of the common risks include the use of general anaesthetic, infection, potential scarring and bleeding. Occasionally, temporary or permanent hair loss in areas where the incisions are made may occur. In rare instances, facial asymmetry, nerve injury causing weakness to the lower lip, and numbness to the lower face may occur. Dr. Anzarut will discuss all post-operative care tips with the patient prior to the procedure.

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Can Injections Work Just as Well?

Indeed, there are some injections that may help tighten your neck. Belkyra, for instance, is a non-surgical injection that dissolves fat underneath your chin, however, this injection does not address the excess skin, muscle banding or jowls. During your initial consultation with Dr. Robin Anzarut, he will educate you on all possible surgical and non-surgical options that may assist you in achieving your desired look.

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