Liposuction removes excess fat and improves body image. It can be done alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as a face lift, tummy tuck or breast reduction. Liposuction is not used to remove large volumes of fat, but more so it is intended to improve the shape and aesthetic appearance.

How Liposuction is Performed?

Over the years, liposuction procedures have improved with the focus shifting to improving safety of the procedure and aesthetics of the final outcome. First, anaesthesia is administered which can be a local anaesthetic, general aesthetic or sedation.  A diluted local anaesthetic is infused into the areas of concern before we start the liposuction procedure.  Then a liposuction cannula attached to a vacuum is used to remove the excess fat from the targeted area.  Depending on the goal and expected outcome of the surgery, a variety of liposuction cannulas can be used to carefully shape the area.  Once the fat has been removed, the small incision or “port” is then sealed using dissolving sutures.

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Who is the Ideal Liposuction Candidate?

The ideal candidate is someone who is close to their ideal body weight and has firm, elastic skin. It is also important that the candidate is relatively healthy and is a non-smoker.

Does Liposuction Last?

If you maintain a stable weight, liposuction will last. For many people, it is difficult to lose specific deposits of fat from the medial thighs, flanks and under the arms. Liposuction can remove these deposits; however, your body still accumulates fat in these areas if you do not eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. Please note that liposuction does not improve skin tone nor will it remove excess skin.

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What will Liposuction Cost?

The liposuction procedure is different for each patient, depending on the goals of the patient. The cost of liposuction is based on time involved to reach these goals.  The surgeon will give you an estimate during your first consultation.

Recovery After Liposuction

You can expect some soreness in the area where fat was removed. Typically, you will experience some bruising in the first two weeks which is normal after liposuction.  You will be provided a surgical garment to wear for about 6 weeks post surgery.  This garment helps the skin retract after the fat has been removed.  For most patients, it can take a few months for all the swelling to go away and the final result to be seen.

What are the Risks with Liposuction?

Although we strive to minimize the risks associated with liposuction, it is important for you to understand the risks of any surgery, so they will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. There are some risks that are unique to liposuction such as bruising and changes in skin sensation. The possibility of asymmetry or contour irregularities exist which can be minimized by wearing a special garment for six weeks after the operation. Another concern after liposuction is having loose skin where the fat was removed. Micro needle rolling is sometimes used to help the skin retract to a tighter look and feel. The risks of liposuction rise with the removal of larger volumes of fat from the body.  In these cases, more than one operation to complete the procedure may be required. If too much fat is removed during one procedure the risk of a blood clot and other pulmonary complications rises.

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