What is a Breast Lift?

Medical terminology describes a breast lift as a Mastopexy. The breast is raised by removing bulging skin. To enhance the breast shape, we tighten the surrounding skin and reshape the tissue. The procedure provides a rejuvenated and aesthetically pleasing breast.

The fact is that breasts change. Pregnancy, changes in weight, breastfeeding, and genetics are all factors in changes to the breast. The procedure will improve the shape but it will not change the volume of the breast.

How a Breast Lift is Performed

There are a number of ways a breast lift is done. Your Surgeon will go over your options during the initial consultation to determine which procedure is right for you.  The most common procedure includes one where an incision is made surrounding the areola. The incision is hidden because it is made between the pigmented areola and the breast’s skin. This incision is catered for smaller breast lifts.

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Who is the Ideal Breast Lift Candidate?

It is important for a candidate to be in generally good health, have a stable and healthy weight, and not smoke. These health guidelines apply to all procedures. This procedure is ideal for women who are content with their current breast volume but want to improve the shape of their breasts.

What Procedures are Commonly Combined with a Breast Lift?

The most common procedure done in conjunction with a breast lift is liposuction. Liposuction is usually done on the chest’s sides to enhance the shape between the chest and breasts. Also, a breast augmentation with an implant may be performed at the same time as a lift.  The medical term for this procedure is augmentation mastopexy. Augmentation mastopexy enhances or restores volume, particularly in the upper breast.

Breast Augmentation

Options Available

A patient may consider a Nipple Enhancement Procedure to compliment the breast augmentation.

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Recovery From a Breast Lift

Full recovery usually takes one month.  Early in the postoperative period little pain is felt due to the local anaesthetic. Next, pain medication is given on an as need basis. People tend to take pain medication the first week after an operation. A special support bra helps with keeping the breasts shaped during the healing process. It is important to wear this bra for six weeks after the surgery to maintain your breasts new shape.  We will provide consultation on scar care to ensure the best possible recovery and minimize the appearance of any scars.

Secondly, sometimes an incision from the areola down to the breast crease is required. This aids in reshaping the breast properly. If there happens to be a scar after the procedure it tends to be small, and typically fades rather quickly.

Finally, an extensive lift may require an incision surrounding the nipple, along the breast, and also within the breast crease. This is occasionally combined with a reduction of breast tissue.

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