Body Lift

A body lift is a procedure that removes subcutaneous fat and excess skin from the lower body which includes the buttocks, groin, thighs and abdominal area. It is usually performed in individuals who have had significant weight changes over time.  A body lift may also be ideal for someone experiencing issues from pregnancy, genetic factors, aging or damage from the sun.  The difference between a body lift and liposuction is a body lift removes excess skin and fat where as liposuction only removes excess fat.

Ideal Body Lift Candidates

An individual who has undergone gastric bypass surgery in order to lose a significant amount of weight is an ideal candidate for a body lift procedure. Overall good health and being a non-smoker are important to ensure a healthy recovery. It is important to talk about your expectations and to understand your goals with Dr. Anzarut during your first consultation.

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How do I Prepare for Body Lift Surgery?

A healthy weight, diet, lifestyle, and being a non-smoker will reduce the chance of negative complications.  You will be advised to stop certain medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or herbal medications for at least two weeks prior to this procedure.

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What are the Risks of Having a Body Lift?

There are some risks associated with a body lift as it is a larger procedure. One of these risks include the use of a general anaesthetic. Typically, patients who lose a lot of weight prior to the procedure undergo changes to vasculature which may lead to slightly longer time to heal. Drains are employed to inhibit the build up of fluids called “seroma”. These drains may stay in place for up to two weeks. Blood thinners may be prescribed after the operation to reduce the chances of blood clotting.

What Steps are Involved in a Body Lift?

A body lift requires precise incisions that are unique to the goals of each patient. A circumferential incision is often made which removes excess skin and fat from both the front and rear areas of the body. To improve the contour of the body, excess skin and fat may be re-draped. Liposuction is sometimes done concurrently. Incisions are closed with layers of sutures and drains are usually used for this type of surgery.

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