Arm Lift

The common medical term for an arm lift is brachioplasty.  This procedure removes excess skin and subcutaneous fat in the upper arm areas. Weight fluctuations, genetics, and aging are common causes for excess skin and subcutaneous tissue to build up in the upper arms.  Unfortunately, it is a condition that cannot be corrected with exercise or a healthier diet.

How an Arm Lift is Performed ?


An arm lift is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic is used to ‘freeze’ the area of focus and if liposuction is required, a dilute freezing solution is used. Dr. Anzarut, then performs a trial procedure once the patient has been sedated. Next, skin and subcutaneous tissues are removed and liposuction is done if deemed necessary. Multiple layers of dissolving sutures may be used and a dressing is applied. Also, a garment which provides compression to the surgical area will be fitted before leaving the recovery room.

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Who is the Ideal Arm Lift Candidate?

Individuals with significant upper arm skin laxity, with or without excess subcutaneous fat are likely good candidates for an arm lift. A healthy and stable weight as well as having an active lifestyle and being a non-smoker is important for the candidate.

The Recovery Process After an Arm Lift

Recovery from an arm lift procedure typically takes between four and six weeks. Initially, the patient will experience numbness in the arm due to the local anaesthetic used during the surgery. Dr. Anzarut will often use multiple layers of dissolving sutures and a medicinal skin glue to close incisions, which allows you to shower the day after your operation. Also, a special garment will be required to wear for a total of six weeks after your operation. This helps shape the operated area during the healing process. Dr. Anzarut may prescribe a pain medication if required for up to two weeks after the operation. Tightness in the upper arm might be felt during the recovery period.

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What are the Risks of an Arm Lift?

There are general operative risks associated with this procedure such as the use of anaesthesia, bleeding, and infection. There is a theoretic risk to blood vessels and nerves. During the operation, it’s possible for sensory nerves to stretch which may lead the patient to have a feeling of numbness. The numbness may not go away, but this is extremely rare. There is often asymmetry prior to the operation and possibly even after the procedure, as the operation will not completely correct this. Dr. Anzarut may use drains to reduce the chance of a collection of fluids in the operated area called “seroma”. If used, drains will stay in for approximately one week.

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